Philosopher, Natural health researcher, Functional Medicine advocate, Veterinary manager, Veterinary CPD mentor and ONE HEALTH activist. Mama and friend.

Founded by Kathryn Asher

Kathryn works in Veterinary practice though prior to working in this sector she trained in functional medicine, herbalism and natural health. Having lived in Spain for many years she also formally studied languages and philosophy so from the spectrum of mind health, spirit health, physical health and emotional health wanted to create a portal that unites all these realms of our being and birth them together so that we can collectively learn to grow, share and develop our higher self in all its elements and in a natural way.

Working in the animal health sector has provided insight into the familiarity and unity between animal, human and ecological understanding of all our health needs so we wish to promote an understanding first and foremost about our human biology, physiology and psychology but also how it interconnects with our environment and with our relationships with our animal friends and the world around us. By harmonizing in togetherness as one, you can learn to truly heal yourself.

Humanology, in its simplest form is a way to promote and prioritise high vibrational living to all. As we all share the same sign wave, Humanology is a documented discovery of our human evolutionary existence, an interpretation into our health and wellbeing, a spiritual connection that is the fundamental core of all our health matters and our psychological and emotional journey with ourselves, each other and our environment.

This site is a dedication to all of us. It is a portal for exploration, sovereignty, support and growth. Our belief in collective health and energy in all its aspects is our main goal. The purpose is to heal and evolve humanity so that it can progress with strength and unity. United we stand!

This site is a portal that shares coursework, video tutorials, research, books, podcasts and so much more via the wonderful world of our experts and visionaries! Our courses are varies to include something for everyone that is willing to learn about dynamic, sovereign healthcare for your use as an individual and also in a professional capacity. Our mantra is ‘Learn / Grow / Share’ and this is what we hope to achieve in the Humanology Hub!

We also offer a range of supplementary products that have been created in the UK from an independent family ran lab that focuses on small batch productions of specialist products so they are made with love and care with ingredients we know are sourced responsibly and are of the highest quality.

From essential oils to supplements, there will be something magical with your name on it that can help you on your high vibration journey.

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